Peaceful Harbor – (Dallas Holm)
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“A song for someone who has died and has finally found a “Peaceful
Harbor” in which to lay anchor.”

Kennedy Lemke
(43) lemke [at]

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Peaceful Harbor lyrics by Dallas Holm

I’ve been sailing the seas for most of all these years,
Riding the crest of a wave made of tears.
I’ve been drifting on a troubled sea
Traveling aimlessly
‘Til I put my anchor down in Peaceful Harbor.

Well, the winds of despair were blowing on my face
‘Til the day I felt the gentle breeze of amazing grace.
So I charted a brand new course
Let the Saviour be my guiding force
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Then I put my anchor down in Peaceful Harbor.

Now I’ve emptied all my cargo on the docks of Heaven’s gate
The troubled seas I’m traveling no more.
My sailing life is over
My legs have felt the land.
I’m standing now upon the other shore.

Well, I’m watching the sunset down on a peaceful sea
Never in all my life have I felt so free.
I’m standing on the shore
I’m sailing out no more
Since I put my anchor down in Peaceful Harbor.

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