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(3) jsteiner [at] (jason ‘Think!’ steiner)
(4) ee2g [at] (Eleen N. Kamas)
(5) snorthc [at] (Stephen Northcutt – K31)
(6) burtp [at] (Philip Nason Burt)
(7) y00025 [at] TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU (Kristy Olson)
(8) SOULES [at]
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(12) mhembruc [at] (Mattias Hembruch)
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(15) petrohd [at] (Michael J. Pietrusinski)
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(17) gslade [at] (Greg Slade)
(18) fitzgeraldr [at] (Rachel Fitzgerald RCTF)
(19) af883 [at] (Andrew D. Taylor)
(20) malujoja [at] (Matt Nightingale)
(21) brightav [at] (Bob Bennett)
(22) grinchers [at] (Cindy)
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(43) lemke [at] (Kennedy Lemke)

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  1. My name is Jeff Martin. I have recently recorded “Precious Memories”, an instrumental CD of music specifically designed for funeral homes. I wondered if you might be interested in promoting my music on your site.

    If you’d like, you can listen to samples of my music at:

    You can also download the CD from iTunes at:

    Some funeral homes have purchased multiple copies to give to families. Directors then have a degree of leverage when contacting the families concerning future pre-planning.

    If you are interested, please email me at

    Thanks for your time,
    Jeff Martin

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