List last updated: 20 Mar 2011

This is a list of suggestions for Christian Funeral/Wake Music.

All music or songs are suggestions solely by user contribution with no editorial judgement made as to suitability by the Keeper of the List.

The list is sorted by Title.

The contributor is included on each entry along with pertinent comments from the contributor upon submitting. Not all contributors necessarily have a comment.

Additional contextual information to submissions, such as links to music stores and lyrics are contributed by the Keper of the Iist. Lyrics are sourced primarily (though not exclusively), via LyricsWiki and remain the property of respective copyright holders. All other original content appearing here is produced under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Contribute to the list
To have your suggestions included in this list simply use the form over on the Add page.
(Please note all additions are solely at the keeper’s discretion)

Keeper of the list:
For general enquiries or comments, email the keeper of the list at the address Рmail to: dnw at funeralmusiclist.com (David N Wallace)

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